Day 116 : Countdown #06 - Books, Thoughts and Sleep

I had a wonderful day's end this morning. Dim lights, a cup of bedtime tea, the usual playlist, and a few cards to read. . . 

I fell fast asleep after a few minutes of having my sweet, calming ritual. 

A dream woke me up somewhere in between, that made it hard to fall back asleep because of the lingering laughter in my head that came out as words I muttered to myself and a few ha-ha-ha's. 

I ended up picking up from where I left off - I have yet to finish this book until the movie comes out. There is ample time. Yes. I am halfway through! 

I'm down to day 6, and so far it's been a meaningful countdown, from Sunday morning breakfast to reading. 

Counting through the last five days has this thrilling effect on me, and God surely has everything else in control.