Day 114 : Countdown #08 - Of Holidays

It's only been two days, and yet I feel amazed by how God's Divine orchestration works. Six days more, and I'm superbly enjoying the last few days of being 21. 

I could write about how I woke up this morning dancing to the beat of my favorite happy song, 
or how cool it felt to be wearing a hippie top and a black-bean choker,
or how surprisingly amusing Kanto Style Breakfast was, 
or how epic Epic was with a seemingly endless chat of all things missed, 
or how I encountered two kids that made me nervous and relieved at the same time, 
or how it seemed like I, too, was spending a half-day holiday, 
or how the rest of the evening went from me not wishing for the rain to happily walking back, 
or maybe how there is no need to write about everything else captured in photos.