Day 107 : Unlocking Doors

Our parents are our parents for a reason. We don't get to choose who they are, we don't get to choose the family we come from, but because of all these things and important factors triggered by their existence - we get to choose who we want to be.

For the past 21 years, it's only recently that I truly learned the value of honoring my father and mother and understanding what it means to "OBEY". For me, it isn't necessarily doing every single thing they say (because I have to admit that there are some factors that affect what they say like some personal fears they have or bad experiences in the past, or sometimes they seem irrational because we were once kids who never understood the adult world - since when did naps become better than play time anyway?!) but rather, diving into the deep pool of wisdom and sense of security in their love whenever they they raise opinions and guidance.

For quite a number of times, I've learned things the hard way. Adolescence has its own way of teaching us lessons but thankfully, my mistakes aren't that grave in their circle of severity, but still are considered mistakes anyway. If only you listened, this wouldn't have happened. True (Oh how they love saying this line when they prove themselves correct. Ok ok, case closed). But in the areas my parents couldn't reach because of bad choices I've made, God saved me. He surely knows how to turn things around, and cause things to work together for my good. There's always a detour, a rerouting, and a solution to every problem caused by painstakingly being stubborn sometimes. Cutting it all short, I got injured, but not disabled. I got hurt, but not destroyed. I have scars, but now they shine like stars as proof that God heals, and has made me a warrior.

I can joyfully say that my life in my teen years(to the extent of college) was all home-school-church-home-school-food lane in Taft-home. Some colleagues tell me I missed out on life and I've been caged, but hey - life for me back then was studying well as a token of appreciation for their hard pressed sacrifices for education & my future's sake, making music with my close friends, blogging / writing, video games, coffee, dancing, spending weekends at home with my family either watching a movie with a box of pizza or having karaoke night with everything homemade from salsa to smoothies. Those things have filled my love tank, and I surely wouldn't want it in any other way.

There is indeed a time for everything, and because of this concept I've always believed in - nothing is ever too late, or too early. I see it as a huge blessing to have had a wide scope of boundaries, because it feels like my parents have preserved a lot in my being. My parents have been very loving and very protective at the same time, and if not for their methods of discipline and how their principles have been constantly imbued with love, and the choices they had to make for me for the past years, especially in my childhood / formation years, I wouldn't be who I am today.

For me, life's more thrilling and exciting all the more now because the things I will be experiencing for the first time has more value, compared to what it was if I experienced it in my teen years. There's really a lot, hence I anticipate the best that is on its way. I can imagine how joyful it must be for them too, when the right time comes. A few doors have been opened, in fact. . . like having night outs with my best friends, that weren't possible for all of us back when we were in high school or college, even, where curfew hours were as early as 6-7pm and the only route I knew via lrt / bus was home to school and vice versa. ha. ha. ha.

Well, I must say that I admire them for their patience, love and sacrifices, in shaping me first before they handed me the keys to doors I thought I wanted to open, way back. It's amazing, really.

Hence the challenge, to carefully weigh my choices.
I pray, for all things worthy of what my parents have prepared me for. 

One of which, could possibly be my first travel experience with my lovely best friends next year.

Here's to firsts, and second chances, that deserve a space in my heart :)