Day 106 : To Celebrate

July happened just like that, and now it's August! I must say that the month literally started out nice altogether from a productive morning, the visit of the sleepless (again, thank you) to that delayed candle (Thanks, sir waiter)

Shall I begin counting the days 'til September? Nope. Maybe writing about the things to celebrate might make the wait worthwhile. After all, it's what I've been doing all this time.

Journal. Sketch Notebook. Book of the Month.
Some crazy masterpiece. && Coffee.
Someday I'll be traveling to different places,
doing the things I love most.
Today's my kind of afternoon - where all I can hear is the heavy downpour of rain that drowns the clutter in my mind. A book to travel, a journal that knows my soul, a sketch notebook for scrawling in-passing ideas or enigmatic figures, homemade snacks, coffee and this laptop for blogging. . . perfection.

I can imagine most days like this, perhaps in different places or simply swirled up in a wonderfully themed setting. Maybe there are days for restaurant visits, business meetings, youth fellowship, breast cancer support group discussions, health & wellness planning. Maybe there are days where all elements don't have to be perfect because these days are spent with people I love most.

For now I have to set foot on 'the now' while bringing this euphoric imagery to life one day, one step at a time.

'The Now', is pretty simple. August has just started which means two things - I'll be on US Shift, and it's the last month before I turn 22. 'The Now' is all about discerning choices and the things I am doing, the things I have to do, the things I must leave or take along with me, that will lead me to the deepest desires of my heart.

August also marks a very important aspect of myself that I wish to celebrate. The pruning process of the past months that seemed like years, brought about drastic changes. Though I know that I am still a work in progress, I can't believe that a year is all it took for a complete turn around. God is indeed never late, nor too early. His timing is always perfect. He transforms us completely, if we are willing.

I can't explain how completely filled I am because of His grace, and His love. I myself am amazed by how it manifests in everything I do, and how I love the people I love. It wasn't like this before. Sometimes it brings me to tears when I think of how He walked with me through the fire. It's amazing, really. The hard work, the whole refining process, every perplexing experience, every prayer, and every step taken with the Lord, is all worth it. 

I never really made this claim in the past few months because there were still doubts, but maybe now I can finally say hello the to best version of myself. Now I'm days away (28 days, to be exact) from this new journey of my life, and for the first time I can wholeheartedly say, "I'm ready to run the race, Lord". 

Here's to celebrating His love, and the all the best things He has in store for me :) 
After all, I am His daughter, raised with love by my mother and father.
Someday queen.

"But the love of God changes us, and we are never the same".