Day 105 : What a Lovely Reminder

I found this photo in a tree of sub-folders and it is definitely not an accident that this showed up. Maybe it's the other way around - maybe it found me.

I cannot count the days anymore since the last time my soul danced in praise but I remember how it feels like, to be standing there, completely stripped off everything worthless, eyes and heart focused on the Lord. Ah, this photo perfectly exudes the beauty of praising Him.

Music has always been a part of me and to sing and play for Him breathes life to my soul. In complete surrender, I am giving myself to the one who created me and at the same time, I am sharing a piece of His creation to the world. Oh how I greatly desire to do these things again!

I've been waiting for more than a year already, and though it's not yet my time, I've been blessed to have had a glimpse of my dreams last June 13 ( Read more about it here ).

Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of time but maybe the whole season of waiting is teaching me how to be patient. Wait on the Lord, His timing is perfect. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in this phase where I don't know what else to do to progress or at least be one step closer but maybe the whole season of waiting is teaching me how to trust in Him. God's plans are better than my dreams, His delays are never denials. 

Perhaps, when it's time, I'll finally start planting seeds in a community that's waiting for me to arrive. May it be a catholic, christian, or fusion of both in terms of fellowship and ministries - only God knows.

For now, I definitely won't wait passively. I've been preparing myself for more than a year now. I guess there are other things I must work on too.

When it's time, they'll say - "Finally, she's here...and she's worth the wait"