Day 103 : Conquering BGC

Spontaneous trips have that thrilling effect and yes, today went better than expected. I've been sick for days a sick person would normally just stay at home and rot in bed. Today just seemed like a perfect day to claim that I am healed, hence I removed the "sick" label for a while. 

The itinerary was pretty simple - ice cream, books, dinner, and coffee. Places aren't so often defined for the thrill of wandering around (Fully booked is an exception though).

It's her first time in BGC and I'm blessed (more than obliged) to be the first to take her there. Rather me than her friends or her first boyfriend okay! It was fun, and we filled the place with traces of ourselves. Thinking long term, she'll remember her first date here - and it's with me.

While I can, and if time permits, I'll take you to places for the first time (at least in general, like BGC or the mountains), so when you grow older I'll be the first you'll remember. No, not the friend you'll be missing or , not the boy who will break your heart or the boy you'll be talking about before we sleep (PLEASE NO). I kid. I kid. Yuhoo, you'll cry when you read this. Someday. 

Ah, she's growing up. Time flies.
While we have time, I'll make it count.