The Wall

It strikes like lightning.
And then you feel the thickening pain rising from your chest to your throat.
You start to breathe a little faster, you try to fight it -
you try to hold back, until you can hardly breathe anymore.

Without blinking, your tears start to fall.

You try catching the pace of your heart,
and every breath becomes a struggle.

Once they collide -
your tears endlessly fall, you close your eyes,
hoping that your mind could hear the faintest cry of your heart,
so you could still be saved.

But here you are...
ridiculously laughing at yourself,
for being too fragile.

Build that wall higher. 
Make it thicker. 
Make it harder. 
Make it unbreakable. . .

But it's too late.
What it should have kept safe and unscathed,
crumbled into dust