Day 102 : Sunshine Daisies, Butter Mellow

I could bask in golden sunshine here, any time of the day. Lovely, isn't it? (credits) 
Of sunsets and sunrise. . .
Sometimes it doesn't really matter where you are, but I just really think that the point from where you stand is directly proportional to the gravity of its beauty. It sure is different when you're standing on the shore, than it is when you're on top of the mountain; when you're by the window pane of a room in some-25th-floor of a building, than it is when you're standing still on a foot bridge. Well, maybe sunflowers have that effect of beauty - only being tangible, and up close.

They're not as sophisticated as roses, nor as fragile as dandelions, but they're beautiful and a symbol of strength for me.

They're the closest representation of the sun, only - where it is found, is what gives you varying depths of beauty. In a garden, in a pot, in photos, in symbols.

It's like having your own little view of sunset and sunrise.

I was a sunflower once. Ha, that was taken so long ago (2009).

. . . and since Plants vs Zombies came out, in my own garden I will always be THE sunflower. Without me, pea shooters and plants of all sort would not be able to kill nasty zombies. Hee-hee-hee. In the near future, I'll have my own garden of herbs and plants and sunflowers! :)

Well, I think a still am... sort of. 
Ah, but being human - I am simply enthralled by the fact that it exists.

By day, I am the sun. By night, I am the moon.