Day 101 : Happiness in a Box

I am dazzled by spontaneity. It's like living in the moment, with an array of surprises. Plans are initiators but whether or not they push through - the idea is still there.

My rainbow of happiness has finally been drawn, after a few weeks of dancing under the rain. God is great! 

My two closest friends and I have been wanting to eat out together in a long time, but because of shift schedules and other things March got delayed to April, then May. Finally, the much awaited get together happened without initial plans. Can I say that the universe worked its way towards our hearts' desires? Ha, it must be so! We had intersecting shifts and voila, lunch! 

The day I ate a lot. When I say "a lot", that's everything I am not usually eating because of my shift to a healthy lifestyle. Dear Darla Pizza all for me, Kiwi / Green Tea Ice cream (oh this is so good!), Nutella & Glazed Donuts, a taste of Happy Lemon's wonders, Gong Cha House Special Milk Wintermelon Tea, and before going home - Chai Tea Latte, and a bag of chips & ranch dip at home. I can't remember the last time I ate like this, and the spontaneity of it all just blew me off to wonderland! Not a trace of regret here. I find my joy - priceless.

It's really nice to treat yourself in grand little ways, and it's nice to have people around you who enjoy these things with you.