How I Was Rescued When I Almost Died

In my darkest, pain-filled days in the past, one of the things that helped me through was this post. It wasn't a coincidence that I stumbled upon this blog post, I'm sure it's what I had to read that very moment I felt like dying. It was a terrible phase, a very horrible one. But He has rescued me. This photo perfectly captures everything. 

I remember crying hard when I first read this, and everytime I do - my tears start to fall. I always look back at this post, at times I feel distant. It's what always pulls me back to Him. It's amazing, really! I hope it does wonders for you too, whether you're going through a heart break or a difficult time because of problems piling up, or if you feel your faith is drying up, or if you simply want to go back to Him and you don't know where to start, or if you just want to know and love Him a little more today. 

Let's feel His love, together. I am with you. :') 

I found the post below here and I just had to have my blog marked with it. 

Remember the moment that Christ pulled strings in your heart, taught you to dance over your past, instead of drown in your mistakes. 

Remember the moment He took your hand and invited you to walk with Him, and to experience what it is to know integrity and peace, instead of falling in love with emptiness each morning.

Remember the way He brushed the hair from your eyes, tilted your head to see His promise of joy and hope, instead of swallowing the lies of fear and failure.

Remember the way He assured you that your life was precious and your heart was treasured, instead of tradable and replaceable. 

Remember the way it felt like you were breathing for the very first time when He saved you, instead of the heaviness that weighed upon your chest for years prior.

Remember the life He breathed into the depths of your body, and the living water He flooded your bones with, instead of the dry scattered dirt and sand that they once came from.

Remember the way His love is enough for you, at all times; instead of longing for something more — nothing compares… I promise.

Remember to be content in His presence and swallow it whole; instead of sitting and pondering of what or where you need to go. 

Remember to remember 
to be enveloped
to be tended
to be mended
to be healed

Remember what it feels like to be captivated by Him. Like the very first day He stole you from the mud and clay, and set your feet on His solid, firm and found rock — the day He paved the way for you, set a place for you, and called you.

Live in that, dwell in that, breathe, sleep and eat in that. 
Be found in that, be found in Him.