Hello, from THE Moon

For a moment I thought, it would nice to be a star. But then I realized I wanted to be the moon, and it could be lovely.

Perhaps now is the best time to write. Write about an imagery that constantly beams like sunlight.

When you look at the sky, and the stars are altogether shining, it would be amazing, right? The mere view of a breathtaking constellation, like a bed of shining diamonds, would be surreal. It won't be the same, if there is only one star, that is struggling to fight for its own bright light whether or not the sky is clear. Stars look more beautiful altogether, because they shine on its own yet form a beautiful chain of light in the sky. The stars, they shine... they immensely glow scattered across the sky.

The moon... the moon is the most beautiful of all. For its different phases, for the different hues and shades of white. The stars are drawn to it, like magnet. The moon is most beautiful when it's full. It is in its most naked, vulnerable form. It is whole, and seemingly unblemished from a distance despite the craters that form it.

When the moon is crescent, or half, leaning east or west, it is still beautiful. Regardless of the part of it that it hides, a glimpse of something to adore brings life to the sky.

When the moon is nowhere to be seen, even the starriest sky will be lacking. The moon's presence is still longed for. It is there, but it hides for a while as it wraps itself in shadows. But only the true lover of the moon will know, and still will find her. After all, he is the sky, that holds her, loves her. Hence by day she becomes the sun, whose light is itself the life and love of the sky.

Someday. . . 
whoever you might be :)