Day 95 : Let It Flow

When I put you first Father everything starts to fall into place. When you are near me, when you are closer than my very breath, I feel alive. I feel your peace, I feel your grace, I feel your love.

I feel your embrace, when I close my eyes and take deep breaths, and feel the sudden blow of wind. I know you are here, I know you are near.

When I speak your word daily, I am speaking life... Your power is activated in me. My faith grows, it stirs up every part of me. It's like falling in love with you all over again.

You are God of every situation, you are God of my dreams. I unfurl my fingers, and release the weight on my shoulders, cast all anxieties to you, Lord. You are in control. You know best. Your ways, your thoughts are higher than mine. I trust you, with all that I am. With all of me.

NEW SEASONS OF GROWTH. I claim it, I will not be stagnant and be held back by the past. I am embracing change, and new opportunities you have laid in front of me. New doors, new challenges, new relationships, greater heights and levels of favor are in my future. THIS IS MY DECLARATION.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

My faith and hope is in you Lord, that the universe is working its way for me to fulfill the dreams you have placed in my heart. A flood of favor, a flood of blessings and miracles - has just started. I will not worry, I will not doubt, I will believe and keep speaking your word over my dreams, over circumstances.


My relationship with you -
I believe I can establish consistency, and of course - reading and speaking your word daily will make my faith grow, and will make me get to know you more, and will make me know more about your love. Our relationship will grow deeper and stronger, through your grace Lord. Through the touch of your light, in my action steps - making it a habit to start my day with you FIRST. reading your word first. meditating on it. writing about it. even a short note will do. in any form, in any means. Oh and I would like to start Day 1 of 40 days again. Help me Lord. Make time. Supplementary stuff : joy & brother bo. :)

My family life -
I can lead them closer to you again Lord, and we will praise you together. I can see it, I believe it, I can feel it. No more hiding, no more wishing. It will all happen, in your perfect timing. We will plant more seeds of love, that we will be reaping as the years go by. Seeds of joy, forgiveness, harmony, peace and love. YES! Lord, in Jesus' name!!

My self -
My fitness goals, making myself better everyday, building my dreams and discovering new ones.... I can and will achieve them. What the mind can see, the body can achieve. Power of thoughts, power of words. By your grace, Lord, I will be the woman you have created me to be.

I know I serve an all-powerful, UNLIMITED, limitless, extraordinary God!!!! <3 <3 <3

******** HENCE I must update my bucketlist, and buy a notebook for my 100 dreams!!!!!! and start filling my iStepUp application!!! <3 go! :) < 3