Small Talk #006 : East and West

Maybe we could be beautiful,
like the sky and stars colliding,
Oh but I am day, and you are night

I feel the warmth of your light
that resonates from blurred pictures
of you on my mind

It makes me anxious to think of
when and how our paths will cross
Oh, but what if we've met already?

Your voice echoes 
like a beautiful melody
that plays in the silence of
my thoughts, alone

Perhaps we are captives of
time and space, tied with the
sweet agony of waiting

I ache for you when we are apart 
though we had not been together, 
Oh it would be nearly impossible 
to release you from my arms 
I want to come home 
though I haven't left, 
Oh I would not even dare to leave

I'll be expectant every day,
thrilled for the surprise,
as I lovingly prepare
for the day you will
come home,
to me

Oh love, 
my love, 
I will find you.