Today I gathered every piece of memory of you and me, underneath the stars.

I can't say it's the best, because behind every smile and laugh is a void in my heart knowing that you aren't mine.

I miss every step we made that drew us closer, but I do not want to remember how much it hurts to be given a glimpse of your heart, that does not have me in it.

I could replay every moment we had, over and over, to make myself smile. Because once upon a time you happened. But When I do, it might only bring back every trace of longing, and pain .

Maybe we found each other at the wrong time, or maybe it isn't just meant to be for now, or at all.
Only God knows.

As I write, I release everything.
I am no longer a prisoner of myself and the idea of you, or us.
I cast it all to Him.

I don't love you. But I could.
Today, I just choose not to.