Day 92 : The Random Beginning

Draft after draft, I can't count the sheets of paper I would've crumpled. Is blogging really that hard? Or is it simply having so much to write about at the wrong time - ah, instances where I am on my way home or walking to the pantry or 10 seconds close to falling asleep. If only every thought had its own ink, my brain would bleed.

Tonight I am writing about whatever flows from my mind, whatever resounds from my heart.

Where do I begin?

The raging seas have been calmed. The storm is over, and I'm alive.
I'm not the restless girl lying on the shore being tossed by mid-morning waves.
*intro of welcome to the jungle by guns n' roses starts to play*
I'm the woman, with a sharp look on her face, breaking the stillness of the sea; rising like the sun; gracefully moving towards the shore. Yo do the hair flip. // Not needed at all.

After almost 10 months of lurking around the graveyard, oh hello sweet sunshine at last. 
Yep, the storm is over. and I'm LIVING.

I can't believe I'm here.
I am overwhelmed by every dream, every vision, every plan of action that suddenly appears in front of me.
I'm excited.
I really really am!
This year, marks the beginning of my best years!
Oh, I can't wait to write about the things that make me overflow, the things that drive me, the things I've been experiencing, the things I've been thinking about, everything!

I can see myself smiling while I read this post again at the end of the year! By then, I will have filled this blog with everything I've started to build, for the best years to come :">

"So blessed I can't contain it. So much I gotta give it away. Your love has taught me to live now. You are more than enough for me. Lord, you are more than enough for me"