Small Talk #005 : The Taste of a Memory

I could taste the sweetness of every memory -
the truth in every word our lips spoke,
the certainty of how our smiles were for each other,
the way our eyes exude the warmth of our souls,
the unforgettable rhythm of our hearts with every embrace,
the melody of the exchanging laughs we make,
the stillness of time in every moment that was ours.
But as it lingers on my mind, I taste bitterness in my tears...

Sweet, you say. 
For the love that has filled every moment you had.
Bitter, as it lingers. 
For the pain of moments turned into memories.

How do I forget?
Will the pain end if I forget?
Please make me forget.

The sad thing is that we can never forget but it doesn't mean that we will always remember. 
Even if I make you forget the memories, the love will always be there. 

How do I un-love?
Will the pain end, if the love is gone?
Please make the pain end.

We can never un-love, 
especially if the love we have is authentic, and pure.
This is the curse of those who love this way - 
they are bound to endure the deepest pain, 
and become more capable of loving so much more. 

Then break this curse.

Only love can do that, my lady. 
Someday your tears will turn into smiles
Someday your weeping will turn into laughter
Someday the pain will be gone, 
and only love will remain.
It will be the sweetest of all, 
when time permits.