Small Talk #005 : The Fall

Could two people who just met, fall in love all at once?
Does it take a moment, one sudden moment,
of being drawn to how she playfully untangles her hair as she talks passionately about music
or how she loves the autumn colors, or why she hates the eerie sound of train doors closing?
I mean, wouldn't it be strange to have your eyes locked on someone you just met?
It is delusional to even think that you could love this person, and you would
but now you're just, falling. . .

I'd like to believe that it takes one sudden moment to find yourself falling in love. 
That's how it works, I guess - magic. . . 
When you suddenly get captivated by this inexplicably beautiful and spontaneous exchange of thoughts, you lose yourself in it because you just can't stop the flow, you know?
That it suddenly doesn't matter where it takes you as long as it carries the two of you

I've always thought that the only way to lose yourself is in
dancing all night, or getting insanely drunk,
or writing about every bursting thought

Well, tonight I'm losing myself in you, and at the same time,
I feel like I'm gaining every part of me that I didn't know I had to gain