Small Talk #004 : Warmth and Ice

What makes you frown today, my dear?

My distorted view of reality; my vulnerable state of mind, my...easily swayed heart. 
I close my eyes and see everything wonderful there is. 
But it's all just make believe.

Is it? 
Just make believe? 
What could be more real than - 
Your smile, that curves with a radiant glow; 
Your laugh, that plays the most entrancing music; 
Your eyes, that sparkle even in the morning light - 
when he is with you?

I cannot distinguish what is real from what isn't anymore.
What could be more real than these tears?
It's not ironic, is it?
To be shattered once you're whole.
To be shedding tears after you've given away your smile.

There, there love. 
I understand. 
It breaks me more than you can imagine. 
Cry, cry until your tears run dry. 
Feel the pain, do not conceal it. 
For whatever it's worth, you'll know someday. 
You are worth so much more. 

I don't want my tears to freeze my heart.
When will this cycle end?
If I am worth so much more,
why is this happening to me?

Don't let pain turn you cold. 
Your heart, gives warmth. 
You may not know it, 
but there are people who value 
the light you unknowingly give;
the warmth of your smile; 
the sweetness in your thoughtfulness; 
the beauty of your soul.