Letters for Mi Amor #001 : Hopeful Slumber

My Love,

I cannot count the days anymore.

I fall asleep with tears that blur my ceiling of dreams.
Tears that you would wipe away with your kiss.
I fall asleep with a throbbing pain in my chest.
Pain you would calm down with your touch.

If only the time is right.
But it's not.

I have yet to meet you.
I have yet to know you.
I have yet to love you.

Until then,
I am trying not to exhaust myself in giving more than I should,
so when you arrive - you'll have everything you deserve
because I know you will be worth it.

Your love, will be worth mine.

You are a sweet figment of my imagination,
that makes my soul rest.

And as I lie still on this bed alone,
I wrap myself in hope,
that one day you will make things right.