Day 91 : Wonderful 2014

2014 officially begins today. Thoughts combined with words are powerful and today I am using them with passion as I write, I am using His word as my rock - verses engraved in my heart.

I am not patched up from broken pieces of the past. A glass that's broken can never be fixed, oh but the Lord's perspective is higher than ours. He makes all things new. Today I declare that I am a new creation, I am whole. His love recreated me, by His grace I am made whole, and perfected in His love.

Today I dust off the smoke and ashes from the dark cave of fire. By His water and blood I am purified, forgiven, strengthened, prepared to soar higher, run faster, dream bigger. . . and not just survive, but LIVE.

I am gold, refined by fire. 
I am a diamond, hard pressed from coal.
I am beautifully, wonderfully made from ashes.

Today I can say that I know my weakest and most fragile state, because it hurt me a lot of times in the past year.And I also am certain that He will strengthen me at my weakest, for His strength is made perfect in weakness. In Him I am strong. Sure, there still will be more discoveries this year but the past years prepared me for battle and today, I excitedly dress myself with His armor, praying I'd always be worthy of doing so everyday.

The past has no hold on me, I press forward to greater things ahead of me. After all, He makes all things new.

Everything I have been through last year has prepared me for this year. A year where I will start being "Forever 21" where I will be at my most beautiful and best state, that will continue to shine brighter in the coming years. A year filled with the best things He has in store for me, that will pave the way for the best years to come.

I've gone through pain, now I'm ready for joy. 
I failed a lot of times, now I"m ready for success.
I've lost, now I'm ready to have and keep.
I experienced the worst, now I'm ready for the best. 

Dreams & Bucketlist.
The items are endless and my dreams cannot be compressed in a short post, but I do know that this year marks the start of fulfilling my dreams and ticking off items in my bucket list. My steps will be bolder and firmer, and every step no matter how big or small will definitely count. I'm ready for His surprises, for greater things far beyond my imagination, for the resources He will be sending my way to make my dreams come true. God-given dreams for myself while I am single (passion lived, travel & adventures) my family, my career...eventually somewhere in between, a love story written by Him that could last for a lifetime:') 

For the latter part, this year I will be closer 
to being the woman God created me to be,
 so when the time comes -
 I'd be a gift that's worth the
 wait and preparation of the man 
God perfectly timed for me. 

Fitness Goals.
In the past years I only had this dream of being fit & healthy - period. My vision was clear but I didn't know how exactly I would achieve it. Sure, a low calorie diet melted away fat but the results only lasted until a slice of cheesecake or 3 days in a row of rice froze a chunk of flab. I admit my inconsistency and being easily dragged by my emotions (especially when I feel sad) that I end up giving in to cravings. I lacked the willpower, the "smaller visions" that could keep me motivated. But all that is in the past, and I've forgiven myself already.

My body is intricately designed by God, and is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I must take care of it - hence, a healthy lifestyle. Also, I believe He has a lot of adventures lined up for me and I must be prepared in all aspects hence, that great desire to be physically fit (since it indubitably influences the mental and emotional aspect as well). This 2014, oh my... I can feel it, I can see it.

I see myself strong and light enough
 to maneuver myself when I go rock climbing or surfing
 or wake boarding or skiing or ice skating.

I see myself loving and appreciating every part of my body more
 (not because it's curvy or there are no flabby parts anymore) 
but because it has reached the most beautiful state 
that spells out the product of self-discipline, self-control, 
consistency, commitment, dedication and love. 

I see myself agile and fast enough
to run like the wind in fun runs

I see myself carrying beautiful smile of confidence
knowing that I'd still look great in candid photos
while playing beach volleyball or 
wake boarding or bungee jumping
or scuba diving or hiking

Everything is made beautiful in His time. Well I say, 'summer' is the closest short term goal I have in mind but everything else above is for the long term. Today I start, and in the later months I will just have to maintain and keep toning. Vavoom! Fast forward --- of course, my husband-to-be-turned-husband-finally and I will be having awesome and daring adventures in our mid or late 20s and early 30s, and running together would be sweet, pushing each other's limits in fitness would be challenging, and going on hikes or hunting together would also be nice. . . <3 Super-fast forward --- To grow old together (if willed by Him), and reach the oldest age we could, what we eat and what we do with our bodies would of course count. Plus, I think it would be cool to still go for a jog without aching joints despite having gray hair hahaha

Faith, Hope, and Love.
In experiencing heartbreaks and disappointments because of people and circumstances I had faith in,
In knowing what it's like to feel hopeless because of people and circumstances that drain every ounce of joy in your heart and take advantage of your vulnerability, 
In knowing what it feels to be abandoned, hurt, taken for granted, misplaced, 

I've learned to see through the eyes of faith more, 
knowing that it is the substance of things hoped for
and the evidence of things not seen - WHO IS GOD. 

I've learned to put my faith and hope in HIM, 
who never changes, whose word always endures, 
who is always in control, who knows what's best.

I've learned to keep going back to LOVE, who is HIM, 
where my heart is secure, 
whose love is unfailing and unchanging, 
who will never leave me or forsake me.

How can we give what we do not have and how can we receive what we do not know? 
Love is God and Love is God. 
He is my salvation, my strength, and my song. 
He is love, let Him overflow in me, let me be worthy of having Him in my heart. 
This year, let His love shine through.
Let His love be activated in me. 
Let His love overflow. 

Dear reader, 
when you see it, when you catch it, 
when you notice it, when you feel it,
 let me know. 
It will definitely, leave a mark on my heart, 
that I, by His grace,
have been an instrument
of His love in this world.

Cheers to a wonderful 2014 ahead!