Small Talk #001 : To Love and Be Loved

How are you.

I'm... fine.

I know you're not.

Then I'm not. I never was. . . maybe for short stolen moments, but in general - I am not.

The sadness in your eyes burns me. Take me there. . . 

Have you ever had this strong desire to be loved?
Loved in such a way that you never have to feel unwanted again.
Loved purely, completely, wholly - that you never want to leave the most beautiful place to be, in his arms. Loved like your heart pulls him close like gravity.
Loved as if you were the most precious thing on earth he would want to hold for the longest time he could.
Loved without a trace of doubt in his eyes, that you are the one he wants to keep; that you are the one he wants, needs, likes; that you are the only one that makes him feel invincible and vulnerable at the same time.
Loved like you've never been loved before.
Loved like that leap of faith you took was worth it all.
Loved like the first time in forever.
Loved romantically, I mean. Intimately. . . heart, mind, soul, and then the body comes along with it.

But the person I love does not want me. 
Her heart is pure, she came to him wholly but he did not catch her. 
Gravity has lost its pull on her, because he took her into a black hole of misery. 
She's forgotten how precious she is, because he holds her and breaks her, again and again. 
The glow on her eyes faint every time she feels uncertain of how she is worth keeping; he wants her when he needs her whenever he only feels like it; he makes her feel weak and pierces through her vulnerable heart right after he makes it beat for him. 
She does not know anymore what it feels like to be loved. 
I want to take that leap of faith to show her she is worth pursuing, worth given time, worth it all. 
I want to love her like she's my last and my forever. 
Loved truly. From there everything flows - heart, mind, soul, to the slightest touch and warmest embrace.