Day 87 : Back Blogging

I missed this. The outpour of thoughts caught in every word I type. It has all been random lines of what-seems-to-be-poetry for me for the past few weeks. Maybe the series of unexpected events and overwhelming blessings just swept me off my feet, leaving me curled up in bed with hands locked on my phone typing in the nitty-gritty of every day's roller coaster ride! Perhaps I have been so entangled with every heartfelt word in my 'Day One' journal entries that I find it hard to congest into a regular blog entry. I am left speechless, in this sense. . .

Of what purpose does blogging serve anyway? Well, the mere existence of my posts in cyberspace is like an open invitation to passersby to get a glimpse of my world. Oh but the most basic question for me might be - who cares? Maybe a few good friends, maybe anonymous readers, maybe random strangers, maybe another blogger, maybe an interested reader, maybe myself - on random occasions that I choose to read through past posts to get to know myself more, or relive moments, or relive myself.

There are times that my thoughts and emotions flow smoothly into words that comprise a publish-worthy post. Posts like these surprise me most of the time when I back read and the sheer joy of being fascinated about how I am able to write such things is just unfathomable.

I want to write. I love to write. Sure, my journals are all filled with scribbles and I never miss a 'Day One' journal entry, but to blog, is a totally different thing.

To blog is to share a part of my world, a part of me, that I can never take back once a post is read.

I want to blog. I love to blog. I could, everyday. I could try.

I'm thinking about blogging out of the timeliness of the matter - out of the usual every day stories and out of the random surge of emotions and aftereffects of musing on the light of wonderful things without haste. Yes, I will gradually reveal some of my journal entries in both my notebooks and 'Day One' Journal app (just in case you're curious about this awesome app, click here). I might probably proofread but for the thrill of it - I would really minimize editing.

It might seem like a tale being told, or a random piece of fiction-writing, or a senseless entry out of nowhere, so... for consistency, let's all welcome a new awesome label - back blogging.

Oh would you look at that, I just added a word in my own dictionary! Superb.