Love Notes #03: Remembering

In my coldest days, 
you clothed me with 
your warmest embrace - 

I remember that moment, 
when I fell on my knees, 
and bent over, in tears,
my face covered in dirt

Straying away from you-
a while seemed forever that,
calling out your name,
felt like the first time

Oh Jesus, 
I could not forget. . . 

how you took every 
broken piece of me, 
and wiped my tears away

how you gazed at me 
with eyes of love that 
pierced through my soul

how you gently breathed 
hope, peace and life,
to my dying spirit

how you held me in your arms, 
when I was too weak,
to even move, or breathe

how you spoke directly
to my heart, and assured me
of your everlasting, unfailing love