Day 82 : When September Ends

Nothing long or detailed for this post. Just a few words to sum up my September. :)

He rescued me. At my weakest, He showed Himself strong on my behalf. He is my strength, my song, my salvation. I will never look back, go back, to the person that I was before He took me in His arms, took my heart for Him to hold, completely. 

Everything is made beautiful in it's own time. 

My worst days were my best days because He carried me through. He did not rescue me from the fire; He walked with me through the fire. Now I am like refined gold, in His eyes of course. 

I am beautiful, I am loved, I am made for a purpose, I am precious, I am surrounded with a shield of favor, I am victorious - because He made me so, because I am His daughter, and He loves me with an everlasting love. 

He holds my heart, until He say's "It's time." 

It's only the beginning . . . 

of my best days, 
of great days, 
of beautiful days, 
of joyful days, 
of love-filled days, 
of God-orchestrated days, 
of God-made days, 
ahead of me. :) 

Officially 21. 
Officially ready to live and conquer the remaining 11 months!