Poetic Haul #007 : The Likes of Me

like a priceless figurine-
hard to find and have,
takes effort to take care of,
but so easy to break

like a hard-earned property-
left to rot for a while,
easily replaced by RFO,
to fit present wants/needs

like the last of all roses-
patiently grown,
thorns endured for its lasting beauty,
left to wither for sunflowers

like a music box of sentimental value-
that used to be the sweetest melody,
tiresomely shut close,
to hear a different tune

like the oldest favorite toy-
loved, treasured, kept
outgrown because of boredom,
replaced with newer ones on the shelf

like the winter promise-
making fire in twos,
but one fled to summer's paradise
and the other left to die in the cold

like almost winning a three-legged race-
way past many obstacles
though victory still seems far
but the other signed up for another race