Day 75 : Countdown #4th Day

if only laughing could flatten my tummy more, i would have lost 3lbs of belly fat. :))bbbbut it just leaves a sore tummy and a happy heart

Today I laughed a little harder than the usual. It was just perfect to start my day! 

Today changed my morning routine. To make something a habit, I should be consistent. Commitment is also key. Once you commit yourself to something, everything you do just flows from it - whether you feel like doing it or not. 

Today I finally pulled it off. I've been wanting to play & sing this  song for the past years, but my excuses to "really" study it were - "uhh, the tabs are to complex.", "i'll just sing it on KTV", "we'll just hire a guitarist to make a cover", "i can download the instrumental version anyway". I came to a realization that when you really want something/something to happen, you should work for it and stop making excuses. Cause on the other hand, if you don't want it that bad, you won't even bother trying and you'll only end up making excuses. This song is something I would really want, and will most certainly love to sing and play when the right time comes. Well, IF it comes. The feeling is just fulfilling to have played the whole song while singing at the same time! 

Today my heart is singing. I'm so excited for September! I just have so many things in mind to do, and those three amazing pieces are definitely worth revealing. 

Today I slept late. I think it was around 11 or 12 already when I finally dozed off to dream land. It was 6 hours of pure bliss. Sometimes I just want to sleep until all these is over. 

Today I had a full meal! Spiced corned tuna, toasted bread, lettuce & cucumber, with garlic ranch dip. Happy tummy! 

Today is banchetto day! After a long wait, they brought it back! It's back! 

Today on my way to work, I had so many things in my mind. But I just diverted my attention to something else, something better. Yet at the end of the day, God always has the best in store for me <3 
God is amazing in His ways of making me feel loved. Every blessing I have received today, makes me feel loved. Thank you, Lord...