Day 73 : Countdown #6th Day

Today. . .

I had a hard time sleeping so I played my guitar instead, learned new songs and sang my favorite songs. I also worked on a masterpiece Gigi and I started and this really made my morning!

I saw something that seemed too hard to take in. I am at my most vulnerable state and little things can hurt or make me smile. It's like standing in the middle of a battlefield, with hands tied- unguarded by a shield that flying arrows could wound; yet can be saved by a knight.

I felt everything turning upside down - my life, my career, my body clock, my heart. But I realized that I still am standing straight. Sometimes we have to be at our lowest point to fully appreciate the final destination, our highest point. Sometimes we have to truly experience pain, to truly experience the fullness of joy. Sometimes we have to go through the worst, to fully experience the best. Sometimes we have to patiently wait, to truly say in the end that it was all worth it. Sometimes we have to lose, to fully embrace and gain what will come back.

My dinner was a complete meal - hotdog, toasted bread, lettuce, cucumber and garlic ranch dip, paired with Nestea Premium Brew. Feels good to have homemade meals!

I got to taste something unusual for my pm snack! It's posted on instagram. It looks like a snail haha. But it's really good! Yema inside the rolled thing!

The conversation me and my PeM had was really very relieving.

I got to beat the boys in the racing game for the first time! Yep, the first. I also had one round of guitar hero and I had a blast. I had a great time playing until - I noticed that my powercard went missing. There's still 250 credits left and Pol's play card was with it! I don't know how it happened but I was really really really frustrated. I could've bought meals for two days, or atleast save it for my Starbucks day. AHH! I hope it's just somewhere there. . .

I browsed through a random post in my old blog again out of curiosity and this is what I found - Little Miss Hyper . I am still a work in progress, but I must say that back-reading is helping the real me come alive but this time, only better. Slowly, one step at a time.