Day 72 : Countdown #7th day

I want to make the most of my last 7 days as a 20 year old, hence the countdown. I've had the best days of my life since I turned 18, and now that I'm turning 21, I still would want to at least make the last 7 days a little better. Maybe before I turn 22, I'll still do something like this so I'd have little treasures to look back to.

Today. . .

I wore my white long sleeved top over brown slim-fit pants. For the first time in 6 months, I wore my brown braided head band so I'd feel as if I'm wearing a Grecian crown. hihi

Before work, I had my usual "me-time" and I chose CBTL. I ordered the chicken something sandwich paired with Iced Chai Tea Latte. It's good, but nothing compares to the best. Starbucks has always been one of my cozy homes for me-time and breakfast/chill dates. It will always be. But my Starbucks had to rest for a couple of weeks for renovation. So it could be better. I don't know when it'll be finished, but it's certain though, that it WILL re-open. Ahhh, so much parallelism!

-Is our first day without our boss! Define pressure? Meeting in 2 days with the bigger boss. Define, more pressure? But pressure is good sometimes because it brings out the best in you. It pushes you to your limit and at the end of the day, the fulfillment makes you feel good!

Nescafe Allegria solved by need for coffee. P20.00 for a cup of caramel macchiato is not at all bad! It would've been better on ice, but that'll have to wait for tomorrow. Ah, it weighs more than CBTL!

I passed by the clinic to weigh in. I can't believe it's been 15lbs off and 20 more to go to reach my ideal weight! I can see that the hard work has paid off, but I'm not stopping yet.

Since Pol was too nauseated, Ariz and I pushed through dinner. Of all random choices, Army Navy was monday's pick! It's been a while since, and I remember eating only physically alone. I had the usual Querida Mia and my all-time favorite Libertea! It was a refreshing night with a kick of Mexican deli and brewed tea!

I had a reality check : "The one you love caused you pain, and is far away. Someone near you comes along the way, giving you comfort. Would you really still choose pain over comfort?" Yes...if love really weighs more than present conditions. No...if the deceiving comforter depicts a fake picture of love to temporarily ease the pain. 

7th day, done! 6 more to go. I'm nervous, I'm excited, I'm sad, I'm happy. My emotions are all jumbled but only three things remain in tact - faith, hope and love. The greatest, being love.

Despite what current conditions depict, despite all the rational and logical explanation there is, I choose to defy the present and believe that my dreams will become reality. I choose to have faith and believe in what love was, is and will be.