Day 71 : When It's All Good

Seems like I'm back to my "blogging" self!

It all started the other week when my instincts told me that I should search for old music videos of myself because I've been missing the whole songwriting and singing thing and voila - the unexpected happened, something better happened - I came across my old blog!
The person I was, and still am, and will still be working on.
It is so me - the blog URL, the colors, how I write, and everything else. "Bubbles" remind me of how I am a kid at heart; "Sky" is vastness and happiness; "Princess" is how I see myself, how I treat myself. My current blog is still "me", it's just simpler and bulkier on content because of my pledge of consistency. I would have had the same blog design for my current blog, except for the customized bold, italics, and underline stuff, but I forgot that my old blog still existed hence, I built this blog from scratch.

Seeing this after 3 years made me so emotional. I was reminded of the little things I adore and love, my perspective about life, my frustrations, my normal to extraordinary days, how I handled issues/something new, how I think, how I talk (cause it's very evident in my way of writing as always), my experiences - good or bad, and everything else in between. I literally cried reading the last post entitled "Maybe You'll know if He's really Love If" (click here) . Nope, not a grammar error at all. I'm amused at my 17 year old 's perspective about love! You see, it's not at all "IN LOVE". I used, "LOVE" directly. After all, to fall IN is to also fall OUT. Anyhoo, I also chanced upon another post about things I want to say to 10 people (click here), and the tears continued as I gave in to the urge of strolling down memory lane more. It was heartbreaking and relieving at the same time, more like bitter-sweet. But at the end of the day, it only pushed me forward. It only pushed me harder, to grow - not as a different person, but into the woman I am meant to become.

Maybe this is God's reminder of who I really am - who I was, and who I can still be if I choose to. The present is composed of the past, and what we can choose to become. There are many things that take time, but the greatest things, like love - are always worth the wait. But only those who choose to endure with strength, are able to faithfully wait and achieve victory.

It's like patiently waiting for a flower to be in full bloom before you pick it. Despite the storm and weeds that try to choke it, it steadfastly endures, until the day it can finally say hello to the one who planted it.