Day 68 : A Leap of Faith

God's delays are never denials. Hold on, patience is genius.

One of the hardest things to do is to take a leap of faith in the middle of the raging storm that seems to be throwing our plans to disarray. Even though we are strangled by pain, taking a leap of faith soothes the soreness of our hopeful spirits despite the uncertainty of what God has in store for us.

In the sea of doubt and unbelief, faith is what draws us out of these waters. It is like the wind that sails our boat towards the treasure we long to find, towards the sun, towards our dreams.

It is what gives us strength to face another day despite our doubts, despite our worries, despite our fears.

For the past two years I have lived by faith and not by sight. I have had so many doubts, so many fears and worries; I have gone through pain and challenges that have shaped my character; I have witnessed miracle after miracle in the way God has changed and redirected my life and my relationships; I have experienced love in every aspect, in every part of my life. I am what I am now because of the faith I kept in my heart.

I know that God always gives us the best version of our dreams. It may not come in forms we expect or want, but surely He promises us the best always, if we do not stray away from Him. We need wisdom to understand His will, and His words to guide us through the road where the destination seems blurry from afar.

God's delays are never denials. His timing is always perfect. We cannot put our faith in something or someone who is bound to weakness too. Having faith in God - that He loves us, and He will be giving us the best version of our dreams, and He will never forsake us - is never easy, but it will always be worth it.

God is love, and love is God. To have faith in love, is to have faith in God. If there's one thing I am absolutely sure of in this world, it is love. . . love never fails. God never fails. :')