Day 65 : Family Nights

Have I mentioned that my dad is finally home already after 7 long months?

It's only been two weeks since he arrived yet it feels as if he never left. I can't believe it's been 7 months since he left. It seems like he has missed out on a lot of things but thank God for emails and text messages! Now he's home, and I keep praying everyday that it's for good.

Last night I gave in to my craving for stuffed crust pizza. It was a random Wednesday treat and is the best to date looking at the 'experience'.

It's our family tradition - late night feasting on pizza over movies or just a smooth flowing conversation. It started way back in the 90s when Magoo's and Domino's were the Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab of today. Shakey's is still, well, Shakey's but we prefer dine in for newly fried mojos. Anyhoo, I love this family tradition for many reasons and one is being able to spend time with each other despite school / work.

One of the topics in last night's bonding was about me always taking a bite on my sister's 'saved up' stuffed crust. My mom is always so fond of teasing me for exercising my privileges as an older sister. Nathalie even said that it seemed like I did not even mature. For me it's a good sign of keeping my childlike self - appreciating the simple joys of eating with them and taking an extra bite of my sister's part. Hehe. And again, IT'S TRADITION.

My dad also told me something that touched my heart - "Mabuting nakapagtapos ka at nagtratrabaho na, tignan mo natritreat mo na kami ng mama mo habang malakas pa kami"

The thought of them growing old consumed me, but I tried fighting back my tears and told them instead that there's so much more I will want to give and share to them while they're still strong and healthy.

Oh I just love moments like this! Even without the splurge on food, simple conversations like this over breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner bring our hearts closer. My family is precious to me, but our loving-relationship with one another, is far more precious than silver, gold or diamonds. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of family. Thank you Lord for being the center of our family. Thank you for being love, itself, that we share with one another.