Day 64 : A New Beginning

There's always a rainbow after the rain. You don't have to see it to believe it. 

July 1 happens to be on a Monday, the start of the week for me. The second half of the year also starts today! I've always had this self-tradition of celebrating the Mondays and the first day of the month. It's like setting the mood for the rest of the week, the rest of the month. Well, I believe today marks the beginning of endless rainbows! After all, the past 6 months has been a whirlwind of storms and tsunamis in every aspect of my life!

There are two not-so-good things that tried to make frustrated today - having only an hour of sleep, and the annoying fact that our driver is dead drunk on a Sunday night for the nth time which only means that I have to commute on my way to work. No, this won't ruin my day. I just had to keep telling myself that line repeatedly.

I had a light mood preparing for work. I'm thankful for being in a day shift this week and that's a pocketful of sunshine already. The morning breeze was cool and it was just perfect for commuting. Papa accompanied me on the first ride to Galleria. It felt nice to have him with me 'cause it made me feel like a little girl with her daddy taking her to school. I kissed him goodbye before getting on the bus. I watched him walk to the jeepney station, and from afar I had this fuzzy feeling, reminding me of how blessed I am to have a father like him. Moving on, the ride to fairview only took around 20 minutes and I was happy that I won't be experiencing the sun's midday scorching heat like I used to when my shift was at 2pm.

My clear view of the sky while walking on the overpass was something I found very timely for a Monday like this... streaks of sunlight peaking through the clouds, drifting apart, the breathtaking view of minutes before sun rise, every part of the sky... It was clearly a sign that God wouldn't want me to miss this view especially if it's the first day of the week, the month, and half of the year. It was a perfect starter. If I didn't commute on my way to work, maybe today would just be like the rest of those regular days. Today, I am reminded that I am loved, I am beautiful, and no matter how rough times get, God always brings a smile to my heart through the things that makes His presence more felt.

It's a new beginning, the start of another journey. I claim victory, I claim healing and restoration, I claim an abundance of blessings, in Jesus name!