Broken Strings

She was lying on her back on a bed of emerald grass with flickering gold. Her eyes wore the midnight sky's glow, gradually turning into a thick blur. She curls up on her left while staring blankly at pink crystalline rose buds scattered on icy vines, waiting for summer solstice to bloom. There was this one rose, with cherry red petals dancing with the wind, that glittered with the brightest hue. It takes a century for one to be seen and Marcus gave her the the same kind of rose that bloomed a century ago. He gave his heart along with it. The more he grows to love her, the brighter it becomes.

Bettina stretches her left arm, with her palms open, and takes a look at her rose like she always does. It was the most beautiful she has ever seen and has become the brightest, but before its petals start to dance she shuts her hand close, and finally breaks down. She disappears into the whirl of silver dust and finds herself standing by the window pane. She looks towards the antique mirror, seeing the reflection of the creature that magnified her senses. 

There he was, playing music with his violin. The way he taps his right foot on the floor, the gentle swaying of his head as his fingers slide through every note, his eyes closed while his lips hum the same melody- it was so enthralling for her. She gazed at this wonderful sight with a smile, feeling her heart play a beat she never had in her. She wanted to be closer to him but before she could even take a step forward, the music stopped. 

"I knew you'd come back," Keith whispered as he rose from his seat, leaving his violin on the table. 

She froze from a distance for she knew that this moment would make her cross the borderline. Her heart was racing fast, as he walked towards her. His blue eyes were locked on her and exuded a mysterious call that was too hard for her to resist. Before she could take a step back he was already holding her close to him and his warmth calmed the storm inside her. 

"This isn't real. How could this be real? You're just a figment of my imagination. I don't know how, or why I'm here. I don't know even know if this world you are in really exists, or if you really . . . " 

Keith holds her face with both hands and kisses her, "I am real, this is real. It's me who should doubt if you even exist, but since your cold, sweet lips have touched mine, I believe you are, real." 

It's the first time Bettina felt this warm, screaming glow inside her that resonated with radiance. He was stunned to see how beautiful she really is. He could not refuse being a captive of her beauty, this incandescent feeling of her being close to him. He tries to kiss her the second time, but she leans back and cups his cheeks with her hands. 

"I can't stay. . . Marcus, what about Marcus. I can't betray him, I can't betray his trust. I hold his heart, yet I will be breaking it if I stay any longer. This is just a dream, you are just a dream that will come to pass. A beautiful dream I will not even remember when I wake up. "