Day 62 : Music in Me

Yesterday my office mates searched for my name on google and were redirected to my Youtube videos starring me and some with Gigi. They were "acting" amazed and literally fanboy-ing over my videos and it was really unexpected. They could do well as fans in a play or in a movie you know!

I too, became a fan of myself. My 'composer/singer/musician' self. It seemed like ages since I last held my guitar and sang a cover of my favorite song or a new composition, even. Watching past videos of myself made me miss the music in me. Where did it go anyway?

I miss singing. I miss writing my own songs and actually taking time to put music into it with a few strums on my guitar. I miss playing random chords that make me think of another song to write. I miss doing the second voice in switching alto and soprano. I miss having fun while I make music.

College gave me the liberty to play as I please. I remember random days where Gigi and I would look for a quiet place to sing and record our own masterpiece. I remember random days where I suddenly had this urge to record myself playing and singing a cover. I remember performing on stage for events like Acoustic Night and Pasicatchan, where we both won 1st place back in 2010. (Here's one of our original songs that made us win : Martyr [original song] by DNA  ". It was a breeze to be doing what I love doing. . . but those days have come to pass.

I can't believe it's three years already! I was too preoccupied with thesis and OJT for the past 1 1/2 year and I totally set music aside. I still sing everyday though but not with my guitar anymore. It's just really different when I play and sing at the same time. It makes me feel whole in an amazing way I can't explain.

My guitar has also aged and it's all rusty already. It's already distracting to listen to and boy, it's time for it to retire! I want to relive my passion for music the way I decided to relive my passion for writing too. Perhaps it will be a great come back if I'd be able to hold my guitar again. It's also very timely that my shift is finally an answered prayer that gives me more time to be at home with my family and spend leisure time in solo mode once in a while. Well, that's a good sign! And oh, I've been planning to buy a new guitar since February but it never happened. It's the only thing lacking for me to finally start bringing out the music in me again. Maybe I will make it happen. . . very soon.