Day 61 : Happy Monday

My morning didn't go the way I planned it - I had to commute going to work which took me almost two hours instead of 30 minutes, thus my mood being slightly damaged. It's a scenario I can't control so I just let it go. There's always a take two!

I am so grateful that I was blessed with a shift where I could adore the sunrise and be home before sunset. This is what I've been praying for from the very beginning - day shift. Oh, I forgot the word "regular" which covers the 8-5pm track but nevertheless I am still thankful for my 5am to 2pm shift. More time for family and myself and a healthier me!

I'm also congratulating myself for reaching my 61st post and for finally making it a habit to blog. I admit that there are days where I am left with nothing to say but I guess it's all part of the reverse-world I was in for the past two months. So now I'm thinking if I'll still be posting on a daily basis, or just stick to posting without the pressure of counting. Hmm, either way I'll be finally making my blog public! *cheers