Day 59 : I'm Wide Awake

Last day of night shift plus the possibility of getting my phone today = zombie mode ON. I got home around 7am bringing with me a bag of pandesal. It was a bright day for me because we'll be going to shangri-la and megamall to check out the htc one and probably get it if I like it OR get my first choice, the iphone 5. After breakfast with my mom, I called globe to clarify some concerns. It's very frustrating to hear a different response every time I call and it seems like the agents do not know what they're saying! I reached the point where I just decided to go to the globe business center myself.

I was first on queue since it was only 10:15 when I arrived. The customer rep seemed to be all smiles so I did not let my rage take over. I presented the requirements needed, and poof! in 10 minutes or less, it's approved! I don't know why it takes so long online or over the hotline when in fact these options are presented for convenience. Tsk. Anyway, I asked if they had iphone 5 stocks and apparently they had none. I still left the store happy because my credit limit is finally approved and I can now upgrade my plan without hassle!

Our first destination was Shangri-La Plaza to check out the htc one. I was quite decided on the iphone 5 already but I still wanted to get a feel of the one first but they didn't have a demo phone, and the iphone 5 is out of stock! We had no choice but to take our chances at Megamall. Finally a demo unit! I wasn't totally attracted to the htc one in live mode compared to what I see on screen and on videos. Yes, the aluminum feel is really nice but the screen is just too big for me. Plus, I didn't like how cluttered the screen is from the blink feed to the menu. The app drawer is also quite confusing or maybe I was just overwhelmed by so many  stuff to press! I tried the camera and boy was it nice on low light! But it doesn't give me enough reason to choose it over the iphone 5. Perhaps I'm leaning towards the minimalist side that's why too much screen clutter is a turn off for me. I've had two android phones in the past and after six months, it became too ordinary for me. I was cool to have my own customization but now, I prefer simple and elegant. So yes, I chose the iphone 5! But then again, NO STOCKS.

We ate at Cajun Red something after my phone-hunting. I ordered pizza and fries, and their classic burger and fries too. It's a 6 out of 10. Good thing I didn't spend more than 500 pesos!

After megamall, we went to mommy's house. On the way, I was really drained to zero and I could barely open my eyes! Upon arriving at mommy's, I didn't even last that long on the couch without sleeping. I was also brain dead! I woke up already around 9pm and I missed out on all the fun but I am excused for the reason of not having sleep for 24 hours straight!

When we got home, I didn't last longer than 30 minutes. The sleep-deprived me needed sleep, obviously.