Day 55 : House Arrest

I left the office feeling really bad. The rain made it harder for me to fight the sick feeling. I had breakfast with my mom before I finally dozed off. I prayed I'd feel better when I wake up.

It was 12:30 when I suddenly woke up to the pain of having dry cough. My head is being hammered, and my mucus became thicker, to the point that I could hardly breathe.

This is possibly the result of the 5 day duration of taking antibiotics. It feels like all the bacteria and virus is being drained out of me thus, this fever, cough and colds. Perhaps the weather last Sunday had a huge contribution and the fact that I stayed up all day and all night.

My body has been trying to cope with the toxic night shift, but I guess for the past few days it's pay back time. I'm glad things will be normal next week and I still pray that it will really push through. The day shift, I mean.

Now I'm on house arrest. I can barely move and it seems like my body is screaming for rest. Oh, my mind and emotions too... On a cold day like this, nothing feels as good as sleeping it all off under the sheets with a fluffy pillow to hug.