Day 52 : Reverse Insomnia

It's been three weeks since that dreadful announcement of going on a night shift for a couple of weeks. The first few days was an adjustment period for me and I thank God that I didn't totally have a hard time coping with my life clock turned backwards. . .

I leave the house at 7:30pm, work from 8 to 6:00am. I arrive usually around 6:30am. If I'm up for breakfast, a bowl of cocoa pops and milk or a cup of coffee paired with hot pandesal and butter with strawberry preserves fuels me enough to sleep. It's also my breakfast time with mama that's why I barely miss that opportunity. I'd be sleeping for 8-9 hours straight to 5:30pm and until the next cycle begins, I'd be having dinner with my family. It was a breeze for the first few weeks until the later phase.

My sleeping pattern is totally crushed especially on weekends. I can last until 3-4am if we're watching tv series! If I'd get the chance to be in dreamy land at 10, I'd surely wake up at 3:30am and fall back to sleep after 2-3 hours! Mondays are the worst because I have to force myself to sleep in the afternoon so I won't be to drowsy when I go to work. Sheeesh.

The past few days broke the cycle. After breakfast, I can still last for a couple of hours until I fall asleep. That would be around 9am already, and the latest in my record is 1pm! The 5:30pm wake up time adjusted to 7pm, and on my way to the office I'd catch 30 mins of deep sleep resulting to a chaotic resistance to stay awake for the rest of the night! Just this morning, I chanced upon sleeping from 7:30am to 10am only. Came 6pm, I totally shut down. Voila, I'm awake now! I just ate dinner 30 mins ago and as I write this post, it's 3am in my clock. Oh and, I just received a text message regarding work on a Sunday. GREAT! I should learn how to get used to the life given to me at work. All these will come to pass. . . This is just a stage in my life where I have to shape my character, despite the harsh events served on a silver platter.