Day 50 : Golden Day

It's my 50th post and I do not know what to write. Yep, I've learned to make it a habit to blog everyday even if some posts are really short in length or sense. I am glad and proud of myself for having gone this far. It seemed almost impossible to be consistent with blogging because of past experiences since my first Xanga Blog, but here I am working on my 50th post!

Looking back at my previous entries, I am amazed about how I am able to read my thoughts again, be in the moment again, relive the day again, and feel my feelings again. I remember the hardships I went through, how I got through them, and how my heart and mind speaks in the process. I remember the overflowing blessings I should always be grateful for, and am reminded of how truly amazing and great my God is!

I was right to start from scratch again, and make writing more of a habit than a hobby. I was right to grow my passion for writing from mere fancy. I can't wait to back read 315 days from now!

Thank you Lord for the inspiration to write again