Day 47 : Doctor Mom

My mom brought me to the doctor today because of my worsening tonsillitis. We left the house early to pay the bills and for the 10am clinic opening. Dr. Lee has been my doctor since 1998 and the usual case is tonsillitis.

I remember scenes of my childhood where mama would take me to Dr. Lee to have my throat 'fixed' and right after, we'd go get ice cream and two bottles of my favorite flavors of gatorade. Having fever was really a terrible thing for me and tonsillitis was really at its extremes whenever I had it but she always took care of me. Until now, she still does...

I'm twenty years old, yet my mom is still taking me to the doctor. She also makes sure that I drink my medicine on time. I am very grateful and blessed to be her daughter, and despite the circumstances where she unintentionally hurts me emotionally when she gets mad, I still love her and how she is as a mother to us, is a treasure that's irreplaceable.

Perhaps the main reason why I feel better now is because of her love that was expressed more yesterday. Maybe I just needed to feel loved, maybe I just needed to heal emotionally too. Maybe I also just needed a break from work and all the stress and questions that causes anxiety and maybe the best way to rest is when you spend time with your family.

Thank you Lord for mama, and for your healing through her :')