Day 45 : Busybee

I am too tired to write in full blast today because I am still not physically well and it was exhausting to have gone to three places in a day. I'll be pulling off this post in bullets to make things more concise and short. (fully pillows after this yay!)

* Went to Gilmore to canvas for laptop models and prices for my cousin (as requested by my tito)
* Robinson's Magnolia for my shaker and Rosemarie's Red Velvet Cupcake! Ohhlalaaa finally!!! (but my throat hurts huhu :'( ) Bought four slices! ahhhh can't get enough of it! It's the best I've ever tasted!
* Rested for a while at home...
* Off to Greenhills to check out stores, then made the final stop at PC Express in VMall
* Bought the laptop, stayed for about 20 - 30 minutes for the processing and etc
* Watson's , Garden, Charles & Keith (oh I love the beige bag! Will buy it soon... i hope)
* Greenwhich for lunch! I couldn't eat much :(
* Found out that HTC One is now being offered by Globe! It's on the website!! Exciting!!
* Home bound! Rest awaits!
* Ordered an HTC One <3
* Dozed off early...