Day 40 : Ms. Puffy Nose

I woke up sneezing and consuming half the tissue roll because of colds from nowhere. Yesterday it was just a couple of achew's but now it turned into big boos. It feels awful to have fever and colds at the same time complimented by a beating drum in your head. It's the first 'work-day' of the week yet I am seriously below my capacity to work from 8pm to 6am of the next day.

I hate the sick feeling, really. Back in college, it was disastrous for me to get sick because the few times that I was, were the most excruciating ones. Sore throat and fever for two to three days, lung-ripping cough coupled with fever and light colds that will turn to heavy colds after a few days, high fever with chills and muscle pain, and today's menu, heavy colds with fever and a really bad headache.

It's been a while since I got sick. The last time I battled sickness was during my ojt. It was a mistake then to push myself to report to the office because I really had a hard time sitting still without wanting to doze off or sneeze and blow off the terrible goo that makes my nose puffy. It was shameful to be a carrier of bacteria and breaking the office silence with a sneeze is really, uhdfh skjdf ;asdf.

I wish not to experience this again because our shift is already deadly and I don't want those I would interact with to be infected. It also concerns me that whatever virus I have might spread or make me feel worse for a prolonged duration if my ThinkPad gets infected too.

Maybe it's the lack of vitamins, or the lack of sleep, or the lack of "PROPER" sleep, or the lack of fruits and vegetables, or the lack of antibodies, or the lack of exercise, or... maybe the Lord is just telling me that I need to regain my strength to conquer another week in the graveyard. He already healed me long before I asked of it, but I just have to let that healing flow in my system to take effect in physical form.

When I wake up tomorrow, I'm not Ms. Puffy Nose anymore! Yay!