Day 39 : Lenggua Bliss

Yesterday, shrimp was the main attraction. Today, Beef Lenggua with mushroom sauce is the star of the dining table. It's my sister's ultimate favorite and mine too!

Sunday is my favorite part of the week simply because it's the Lord's day and a family day at the same time. We don't usually go to malls on Sundays. It's just mass, a hearty lunch as a family and rest throughout the day bundled with tv series or dvds.

After the 12nn mass, we went home and prepared ourselves for lunch. I did most of the preparations and while doing so, I had this warm fuzzy feeling deep down in my heart - joy. It was truly amazing to be serving my family from the setting of dishes to the cooking and other preparations. It makes me feel so blessed to have moments like this with them - having a delicious meal while knitting our hearts together over conversations with smiles and laughs.

Being too preoccupied with my thoughts the whole time we had lunch made me forget about taking a picture of our scrumptious meal! Nevertheless, the picture of a happy family will always remain in my heart. Ahh, good times.

Fast-forward to midnight, we bonded over Uno Cards! It was a hilarious experience because me and my sister were playing against two (not-so-oldies), my mom and my aunt. Ahh, good times.

Thank you Lord, for family :')