Day 38 : Seafood Bliss

I woke up today with a bright smile on my face. It is the day scheduled for (almost) unlimited shrimp in the comfort of our home. I told myself this week that I will eat my favorite dishes, so I'd have nothing to "crave" for in the duration of my focused diet aka "Change of Lifestyle". Shrimp is one of my weaknesses when it comes to food. I love the simple shock that makes it so juicy that every bite is like a taste of heaven!

The last time I had this was at my grandma's house. We seldom cook shrimp here at home for only one reason: we're afraid to buy the wrong kind of shrimp from the market. Thanks to the old man in front of DEC selling fresh shrimp, it was an ease to not worry about getting dried, stinky, gummy, sickly shrimp.

While waiting for my mom and auntie to get home, I was so excited that I prepared all in ingredients I would be needing for the sauce. Three to four cloves of garlic, chopped finely; butter of course; and a lot of different spices. When they arrived, I was all jumpy and oh-my-gosh-it's-finally-here!

Three kilos of medium-sized shrimp waiting to be served! I would have loved tiger prawns but it really is quite risky to cook unless you've mastered the right timing and medium-sized shrimp is always the juiciest!

<photo to be posted soon>

I've had my own fill of my favorite dish - spiced roasted garlic shrimp! It will keep me filled until I finish the course of my health & fitness road. To top it all off, we had red wine before sleeping. Cheers!