Day 33 : Bonding Butterflies

Just before going to work, I decided to spend quality time with my sister Nathalie, and Enzo, my cousin. Enzo has been nagging for the past week for a treat at Starbucks and I gave in today because I wanted a great Monday-starter.

I ordered my all-time favorite Caramel Macchiato on non-fat milk, while Nathalie had Caramel Frappuccino and Enzo had Java Chip Frap. It was great seeing this kind of picture - bonding over drinks and nice conversations, with the relaxing ambiance and mood music. Years from now, I can still imagine regular dates like this with my sister and cousins, only by that time, they're all in college and in the later years, they're all married too. Ah, what a lovely vision!

After some quiet time at Starbucks, I brought them to Timezone. It's been awhile since we all played together so I took this chance to make new memories with them. We played race cars, time crisis 4, dance revo (that only took 2 minutes to try out because we failed!) and basketball hoops. The fun part of playing hoops is being 3 in a team to go past the first level by gaining 60 points, and the second for 200 points. It was a tiring but really enjoyable experience to be playing as a team! It was absolutely fun!

After our timezone date, they had to go home already because I also had to go to work. We had a few pictures in Enzo's phone, and while looking back at the few minutes we all spent together, I feel butterflies in my tummy. Perhaps it's a sign of a deeper sense of joy to have established stronger connections with the people I love and value the most - family.

I know I'll be having a lot of opportunities to nurture these relationships with all of them, and I will surely grab every chance to do so. It doesn't always have a price to pay, but it could somehow be enhanced by being able to spend on bigger opportunities. After all, the money I am working for is also for them. . . for a more fruitful and stronger relationship with one another.