Day 32 : Work on a Sunday

Slash work. There's not much work to do after all, but the fact that I am spending precious time in the office makes it beyond equivalent to a "working day". Baaah.

Despite my mental resistance to start the week today, I was able to prepare myself for a long week ahead by  doing a couple of things that make me happy... but of course, two of these things require cash.

Good food, oh yes good food! I pigged out at Army Navy on Quesadilla Veggies something and a large LiberTea. 300 pesos burnt! Then I headed to Timezone to go for a ride, and shoot in war mode. 150 pesos burnt! Then I bought ice cream and chips, 50 gone! The best part though, was being able to talk to him while doing most of these things. It makes me smile, knowing he makes time for me, even at the most random parts of the day.

I'm currently searching for a good phone that'll keep me company for the next 6 months or so, and that'll compliment my ipad mini 2 in the later part of the year. I don't want a phone that's too big or tablet-ish. I want a smart phone with a really good camera, more than enough internal storage (+ expandable memory), simple and elegant, and not over-priced! Ahhh, the search goes on. . .