Day 31 : When God Says No

I had my tooth checked earlier this afternoon, and I was so happy that my dentist told me that my tooth can still be saved. He did what he could to make it hold on a little longer to prepare it for the procedure due this coming June. Now I gained half the confidence I lost because of my cracked tooth! Thank you Lord! 

We spent the whole day at Robinson's Galleria - mom, Nathalie, Enzo and I. It feels great to have my favorite Lasagna from Goodles! Oh, taft vibes! While enjoying my lasagna, they were munching on whopper burgers and fries. We checked around different boutiques, but there's no luck in finding the perfect bag, or shoes. It was a fun-filled day despite the many occurrences when I had "No" for an answer.

I saw the shoes I really fancy in Zanea. Wait, I even got to fit something better - style, comfort fit, wedge height, and overall appeal. Sadly, it was the last pair of my size. Every customer would want a new stock, and I'm one of those buyers who hates the "just-to-buy" attitude. Even if I really want it, I'll have to wait until I visit another mall to check on the shoes again, get a new stock and finally buy it. This was my first "NO".

After some time spent while roaming around, and getting a 6-minute massage on the massage chair (this is really relaxing by the way!), it was finally the moment where I'd buy my ipad mini. It was hard to believe that this moment is finally happening! I went inside the apple store, took time to stare at the ipad mini on the display table, and told the sales boy "Get me a wifi model, 32GB please. Thanks!" While waiting for it on the counter, I was like OMG OMG OMG is this really happening :') I gave them mom's card, and waited for the receipt to sign to make it officially mine. "Please try again", the machine read. The cashier tried to swipe again, and again, and again. No luck still! She even had to call BDO. Oh, wow! The system is down. "Please try again", the machine read. It wasn't time, I figured. This was my second "NO".

Before heading out of the store, I received a text message from my boss. Wait, what? Office on a Sunday? You gotta be kidding me. I felt so crushed, and sad, that I will have to go to work for 6 days this week. I badly want to rest, and my time with family is too important to not have. My Sunday is not complete. This was my third "NO".

The fourth no is somewhat timely, since it is related to the third. I was invited by his parents to go have lunch or dinner with them, and since mama hasn't said anything about it, and papa does not know about it yet because we haven't talked in awhile, and since I will be going to work tomorrow, our first encounter has to wait. Perhaps there are more reasons why it is being delayed, and only God knows.

I wasn't able to buy my shoes today. It didn't really matter. I was just quite sighing because there were no new stocks and I really wanted to buy it. Even so, it made me look forward to next week where I could check out Robinson's Magnolia.

 I didn't have my ipad mini today. It's still okay, because I've got next week, but now I just realized that God gave me a better plan in mind. I have to lay low on my expenses for the meantime, and focus on one gadget first - my soon to be smartphone, the Xperia SP (or something better) this June. The ipad mini 2, which a better upgrade of its first sibling, is coming out anyway this September - December, and by that time I will have had my own credit card, and I would have known by then how to handle my expenses wisely. Plus, I might be commuting on my way to work and I haven't bought a heavy duty bag yet, so I guess the phone will be of pretty good use for the next 6 months or so.

I will not be having a full Sunday with my family tomorrow. It's really sad, and it's a tough feeling to be mandated to go to work. On the brighter side, I'd be having a one day off work, which I could choose anytime. Perhaps on a Friday, or a Monday, to have a three-day weekend with them! Awesome, right?

When God Says No, it may be tough to handle, it may even cause a sting in our hearts, but there's always a better reason behind it we might not be able to perceive at once, but in due time, we will have that realization of the purpose of delay.

God's Delays are Never Denials.