Day 27 : Busy Bee-utiful

I'm loaded with documents I have to finish, and sadly I am also still frustrated about my tooth. All the stress is grinding my nerves! I feel like I will explode any minute now. . .

I don't feel beautiful today. I feel bad about myself for many reasons! I gained 4-8 lbs in the last two months of pigging out in the pantry during break time; I have three pimples popping out at the most random parts of my face perhaps because of the temporary shampoo I used; oh and the best part? I have a cracked tooth. All these plus the fact that I can't smile out wide or laugh out loud, and the possibility of meeting his parents that only God knows when, and the upcoming training next week - SWOOSH! Lowest confidence level ever!

Ah, all the rage about my physical appearance. . . but Chester, being the superman that he is, has been convincing me the whole day that I am beautiful inside, out. He doesn't tell me this just because he loves me, but because it's true. Well, is it? Ghaaa. I can definitely shed off pounds, my pimples will soon fade, and I can have my tooth fixed. So what's to worry about? Uhh, the next few days I'll have to endure while the ideal scenarios aren't happening yet, duh?! 

On the brighter side, it actually gives a strong boost of confidence when someone tells you that you are beautiful. It's like a rainbow after the rain, icecream on a hot afternoon, pink cotton candy sprinkled with heavenly milk powder (Nido is the best!) and all the pretty, simple little things that bring joy.

Thank you Lord for reminding me that I am beautiful, through him.