Day 26 : My Tooth Cracked

I woke up this morning feeling uncomfortable. It felt like I was about to choke, and it was so unusual to wake up with granules in my mouth (eek). Then it felt like there was something carved on my tooth that's more than just a hole. I couldn't ignore it because it made me feel so nervous. I got up and fought the urge of falling asleep again, and rushed to mirror.

Without hesitation, I tried to smile to check what happened to my tooth. Poof! A hole... no it's not just a hole! it's a crack! And it freaking chipped off! Oh no, oh no, tell me this is a dream. It's just a dream! Wake up! Wake up! Wait, no... it's real. 

I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to get angry. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Maybe I should've undergone the root canal scheduled last February, and the surgery last March, and the other surgery last April. Now it's too late. . . Uhh I hope it isn't really late.

I feel so devastated. I've always received great compliments about my teeth, and now I have one tooh chipped off. I'm still thankful it isn't my front tooth! It's just right before the corner of my full smile. AHHHH now I can only half-smile! AHHHHHHH

I thought it was just a dream.How I wish it was just a dream.