Day 21 : Hakka Milk Tea. . . Period.

Photo: ~Lurch~
It's a girl thing. 

I hate this time of the month when I get extremely emotional about everything! Well, this picture is lacking with the "DURING PERIOD" phase. Not to mention the intense pain that makes your eyeballs pop out and lips twisted over grinding teeth. It feels as if my lower abdomen is being ripped apart, and my ovaries are screaming in anguish! Boys are really lucky to not have these stages of, torture. But they're also unfortunate if they have girlfriends HAHAHA

So my day started with a hangover of an awful evening. I wanted to take a break, and as you know, milk tea or coffee has a sweet-calming effect on me. Moonleaf's Hakka Milktea did the trick! Oh yes, 0-25% sugar level only. I just love the kick of milk tea to calm my senses and refresh my exhausted battery of smiles!